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Marfa, TX

If you haven’t experienced the out-pour of social media lately of Marfa, TX, let this be an quick peek of a few of the sights of Marfa, TX.  A girl’s trip was long over due and Marfa, TX was the perfect quaint town for a weekend of calm, good food, minimalism, and interior design appreciation.  We went to El Cosmico, Ft. Davis, scouted a few abandoned buildings, enjoyed the view of stars within our rental backyard, visited the Prada art installation just outside Marfa, and attempted to see the Marfa lights (we never did see one).  If you have a longing to take a long drive and escape the city life for a bit, you would enjoy Marfa.  I would recommend combining Marfa with a trip to make it really worthwhile, for instance Big Bend.  Enjoy this brief documentation of our trip!

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